Thursday, April 2, 2009

HOTSHOT #1 Remix signing and MC VERSUS Button Sets Debut

We'd like to first congratulate FSK on their succseful release of HOTSHOT #1 Remix. The signing was awesome and Mike really pulled things together. They sold a TON of books yesterady and may very well be on their way to a 2nd printing. It was really great to see a comic shop like Dave's Clubhouse support local talent.

We were extremely pleased to be given the opportunity to debut our new VERSUS button sets at the signing. Mike Watson, the founder & creator of FSK as well as the creator and artist of HOTSHOT, was exhibiting the first VERSUS set featuring HOTSHOT vs Void. It was pretty cool to sit on the sidelines for a couple hours with Mike.

Again big thanks to FSK for the opportunity. I met some REALLY cool people and maybe even opened a few doors to future business opportunities.

-Danny Cooper

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