Monday, April 26, 2010

SPACE 2010 Recap

SPACE 2010 has come to a close. We all met at a new location this year. I personally like the new location. It seemed brighter as well as there being more space (no pun intended).

We debuted some new STAR WARS buttons as well as an experimental tee shirt line featuring our awesome designs. The new buttons did as well as expected. Hop over to our gallery to check those out and keep your eyes on our store to pick up a set if you missed them at SPACE. The Tee's received a TON of attention and it was exceptionally clear that we need to make our focus on children's apparel. So coming very very soon to the MC Store will be all our new T-shirts for kids.
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We got a lot of solid feedback on Tales of Awesome #1. For all the new MC fans, ToA #1 debuted at Mid Ohio Con 2009. We were pleased with the overall reception at MOC however we did not get a lot of feedback. It felt great to have all of our fellow creators stop by and let us know how much they enjoyed the book. If you have not yet purchased a copy of ToA #1, you can do so here: Tales of Awesome #1 for only $3 (plus shipping)!!!
Rob's Blue Collar Invasion is picking up steam and I think it's safe to say that there are several people looking forward to the BCI: Day One Collected Edition (available this fall). Be sure to check back here tomorrow for Episode 20!

Last but not least were all the great people we met! We also go to see a lot of cool people that we have not seen since Mid Ohio Con. We all had a chance to see some great art and up coming projects. If you get a chance be sure to checkout these awesome people and the work.

First Our Neighbors as SPACE:

Frank was there with his awesome Punch-Up and Skottie Rocket, Gay Space Pirate. Punch Up is a title that Frank is still working on and that I think all indy fans should keep their eyes out for. I'm honestly looking forward to the completed graphic novel. Skottie Rocket had me chuckling at the first panel.

I picked up Murder Bullets for only $2 I think. This was a collab piece by him and Go Frank Go. Funny read with great art.

I have never met an artist that truly cranks out incredible QUALITY artwork at the rate Dave does. If you see his name on a project you are sure to be in for a good ride.

Victor was there selling his book "Doing a Bid" and helping to promote Packrat Comics' Free comic book day EXTRAVAGANZA!

... now in no particular order...

Robert Forest has some great art. I'm looking forward to his current urban legend themed project that he and his writer are planning to have at Mid Ohio this year. I'll be picking up some of his prints very soon. Check him out here: Robert Forest

Justin Castaneda's "When I was little" and his new "When You were Little" is incredible. Again I'll be picking up some of his PIXAR prints ASAP. Check him out here:

Jay Jacot has some amazing work. His 24 hour comic, The Chase: A twist of fate, is honestly the best 24 hour comic I've seen yet. I've honestly not had time to read through his "The Tao of Snarky" in the 4 issues of Comics Obscura that I picked up. The art was great and if the quality of story is anywhere near Snarky I have no doubt I'm in for a treat. He's got a few more projects in the works. Check his work out here: Jay Jacot Blogs

HUGE thanx to the incredibly nice guys from Spy Guy. Check out Mike Kitchen and ULTRAIST Studios work here: SPY GUY

Now simply because this blog is longer than expected:

Ryan Claytor's Elephant Eater Comics
Kassandra Heller at
Kris Lachowski at Mean Goat Comics(CONGRATS again!!!)
Super Friendly Garlic available at You made me laugh!

That's it for now. See you soon!

-MC Crew!!!

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Colin Tedford said...

Hi guys, I had a lot of fun at SPACE, and I'm glad Super Friendly Garlic made you laugh! Here's the direct link for the comic.