Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mutant Cactus 52 - Week 2

Week 2 has been inspired by 2 things.  

The first was SUPER popular in the mid 90's.  I'm talking about the manga/anime series of Sailor Moon.  For many of us, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts was our first introduction to Anime.  Below is a magnet/button set inspired by the Sailor Moon manga/anime series. The spotlight artist of the week is Victor Dandridge, of Vantage:InHouseProductions, with his 8 Bit Sailor Moon and ADORABLE 8 Bit Hello Kitty.

All of these items can be found in our ETSY shop here:

The exceptionally adorable Hair Clips are curtosy of Lil' Rockstar Creations!

We've also got a few MC Vintage sets.  The 2nd inspiration is Star Wars: Episode 1's RE-RELEASE this Friday in 3D.  There are also a few randomly selected Vintage favorites.  Remember, ALL MC Vintage Pin Back Button and Magnets are recycled from OLD comic books.

Tune in next week for MC52 - Week 3... GHOST RIDER will be our guest of honor!

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