Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Have you read Tales of Awesome #1?

Have you read Tales of Awesome #1?

If you have we want to know what you think. Did you like? Did you love it? Did you hate it? Most importantly please tell us why you feel the way you do, regardless of whether you liked it or hated it. We want to continue to improve our skills in every aspect so that we can provide the best reading experience possible. You can leave your thoughts and comments directly here on the blog in the comments section. Or feel free to email us at mutant.cactus@gmail.com. Thanks in advance for all the feedback.

Mutant Cactus

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Robert Forest said...

It was great Meeting you Guys and Sitting next to you at the Con. I loved Tales of Awesome #1 and where my Tales of Awesome T-Shirt with pride!