Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mid-Ohio-Con 2009 Re-Cap

Mid-Ohio-Con 2009 has come and gone. It was an amazingly busy
and successful weekend. Our 2nd appearance at the Mid-Ohio-Con went extremely well. We met some extremely cool people and had a chance to hang-out with some old friends.

2009 has been a big year for Mutant Cactus. We welcomed our 3rd member, MR Robert "Gant-Tor" Gant, into the MC family. With the addition of his
AMAZING art skills, coupled with Derek's AWESOME writing style and my, "O.C.D." like demand for perfection to the smallest detail we have been able to launch our official comic line, MUTANT CACTUS COMICS!!! A TON of hard work made our dreams become a reality as we debuted our launch title "Tales of Awesome!" The book was very well received and we even got a lot of good feedback. There are a lot of people that we need to thank for the successes of ToA #1 as well as thank them for the possibility of it's existence.

First, obviously is our family and friends whom without their love and support we would not have been able to make it through the long nights. Second is our local comic shop Packrat Comics. Teresa and Jamie have been amazingly supportive of everything we do. We are still amazed and extremely thankful for all of their support. Not only have they sponsored an ad in ToA #1, they sponsored the printing and creation of a variant VIP Packrat Exclusive at Mid-Ohio. They followed that up by purchasing additional copies of ToA to sell in their shop. For those that are not too sure of exactly WHO Packrat Comics is, maybe this will help...

Did I mention that they are now carrying Tales of Awesome #1? (shameless plug I know...)

In addition to ToA #1, we were able to sell a lot of buttons. It
was REALLY REALLY cool to have fans coming up to our table telling us they bought buttons last year and they were looking forward to this year's MOC to get more. Every compliment that we got felt great and every request has me extremely inspired to knockout some new buttons.

As I mentioned before we met some cool people and hung out with some old friends. Justin Castaneda, Jay Jacot and Rob Forest were some really cool guys that we had the pleasure of being table mates with all weekend. Justin even did a really cool sketch of our logo! You've gotta check out what these guys are working on. I can not wait to see what Justin is going to be doing with his children's book "When You Were Little" If you are a fan of NOIR pick-up E.G.G. created and illustrated by Robert Forest (written by Joshua D. Boeringa). I was personally in love with Jay's 24 hour comic "The Chase A Twist of Fate." Be sure to check-out their pages for more cool info.

It was great to see Victor Dandridge and Mike Watson of Freestyle Komics. They provided a lot of entertainment and fun as usual. I think we'll be seeing their "Sketch Battles" become a constant at up-coming cons. Let's not forget MR Ruffhouse himself Ren Mckinzie of Blade's Edge Illustration, whom if I'm not mistaken holds the most victories in the Sketch Battles held this past weekend.

Overall it was a great con and I'm looking forward to 2010!

Mutant Cactus

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