Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Season Greetings from the Mutant Cactus team!!!

A few weeks have passed since the last BCI strip was posted. There are a couple reasons behind the delay. The first is that Robert Gant, the creator/artist/writer, has decided to change up the format/persentation. You will now be seeing the new strips posted every Wednesday and it will be a full comic page as apposed to a single strip. This has a lot of benefits and we think it will help move the story along faster (AH the beauty and flexibility of creator owned, small press work!). In addition to that I've been rather pre-occupied with my new baby boy. With the new format it is easier for me to keep up with the letters and all post production work. At any rate, above is the new BCI strip. Be sure to stop by next week for Episode 10.

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