Friday, September 16, 2011

Cincinnati Comic Expo

MC will be attending the Cincinnati Comic Expo this weekend.  We'll be setting up our awesome buttons, magnets, earrings and key chains at Table 64 (see map below).  We will have some special items with us.  First is a few limited addition metallic transformer button sets.  These guys are turning out great.  We'll be limiting these to 10 sets so get yours while you can!

In addition to the Transformer Metallic sets, Lil Rockstar Creations will be making their con debut.  We'll have about a dozen of their comic hair clips available at Table 64!  We had 3 Wonder Woman and 3 Harley Quinn sets in our Etsy shop as a test run.  They sold out in a matter of days so make sure to stop by to see what LRC has supplied us with.

We'll be starting our Cincinnati Comic Expo experience UEBER early tomorrow morning (5:30am).  We're heading south with 2 of our Comic Compatriots, Victor Dandridge (Table 61) of Vantage:InHouseProductions, and "The Arm Wrasslin, Robot Dancin NO MoHawk having'" Ren Mckinzie (Table 60) (artist of V:IP's "The Samaritan").

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