Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brought to you in part by...

We are proud to announce that Mutant Cactus will be one of the AWESOME sponsors for Colt Cabana's, The Art of Wrestling podcast.  Over the next 8 weeks, we will be receiving a plug during his super popular podcast.  You can find his podcast here:  and here:

As incredible as this sponsorship opportunity may be, it is more important that we support and contribute to this show in any way.  Colt Cabana offers this podcast for FREE every week.  As life long wrestling fans, we greatly appreciate what he provides the wrestling community.  TAOW allows you to learn more about the professional wrestling industry (Indy and WWE) and the Pro Wrestlers that we may or may not know. This is an amazing gift that I hope Colt is able to continue to provide for as long as possible.

To help support The Art of Wrestling podcast or any of Colt Cabana's Pro Wrestling endeavors, hop on over to:  He has some amazing merch that any fan would want love to have.  We personally designed 3 of his buttons for him and our good friend and colleague, Victor Dandridge of Vantage:InHouseProductions or, put together 3 RAD 8-Bit Colt Cabana and Matt Classic designs.  You can purchase all of the MC produced button that you see below exclusively on Colt Cabana's site:

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