Saturday, February 25, 2012

CBCI Day @ Comic Town

We are honored to set-up at CBCI Day @ Comic Town!!!

Here is some more info:

CBCI Day @ Comic Town
Public Event · By Comic Book Connection Initiative
11:00am until 7:00pm
Comic Town
1249 Morse Road, East
Columbus, OH 43229

What is the CBCI?

I accept donations of comic books & GN's from collectors & retailers alike. You can mail them to C.B.C.I. C/O Comic Town 1249 Morse Rd. Columbus, OH 43229Michael Fralin designed that cool logo! Thank you for checking this out.
Comic Book Connection Initiative mission statement
As a lifelong fan of the comic book medium, it is clear that so much enjoyment can be had between the covers of almost any comic book. It is also clear that this hobby that I enjoy can help many children. While it is easy to point out the benefits of literacy with using the comic book as a template, they can also provide sources for inspiration from the heroic deeds detailed in the book. They can allow children to escape, albeit temporarily, from the harsh realities they may find themselves in. It is with the positive influence of comics that I plan on creating a charitable distribution network of comic books to children in need. The two main targeted groups would be children in hospitals and shelters. It is my belief that any of the positive features comic books can provide will produce a benefit in their lives for years to come. I have personally seen the great influence a simple comic book can provide as I have given away 100’s of my own collection.

My approach is relatively simple but relies on cooperation from our local comic book community. The basic components of this initiative are as follows:
1) The local comic book retailers would donate back-issues of low selling comic books. These would be overstock that would have little to no chance of being sold above cover price. I would also ask that the titles would be appropriate for the age group 4-14. The issues would not have to be in mint or even “collectable” condition. The costs associated with the donated issues could then be submitted for tax purposes.
2) The comics would all be inserted with a small flyer explaining who donated the comic. This allows an advertising component to be included and the recipients would know who to thank. Eventually I will have a website set up with links to the donor retailer’s websites.
3) The donated comic books would then be given to children at hospitals, shelters, group homes and the like. I envision placing a comic in each child’s hand rather than a community pile at each location. The children would take more personal ownership of said comics also cultivating sharing and cooperation practices.
4) As this program begins, I will concentrate the collection and distributions to local retailers and children. As it is primarily volunteer and donations, no cash/ funds would be collected, requested or accounted for. Should this initiative be met with success from both the donators and recipients I would look to expand to a state or nationwide sphere.
5) A donation box could be set up at key retailers where regular customers could donate comics that they would not be interested in trying to sell or keep for their own collection. This “donation box” would assure that the comics donated by retail customers could be enjoyed by a child in need.

Thank you for taking the time to review this mission statement and consider you participation in this initiative. Please contact me should you or your staff have any questions.

Comic Book Connection Initiative (CBCI)
Fate R. Spears II
Columbus, OH

Come out today and support the CBCI!  Every customer that makes a donation to the CBCI will get a free Mutant Cactus Vintage Button (Limit 1 per customer)!

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