Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mutant Cactus 52 - Week 6 INVINCIBLE Concluded

MC52 - Week 6 brings MORE Button/Magnet sets featuring ""The Best Superhero Comic Book in the Universe," Invincible. This will be our final Invincible themed week for next 30+ months.

All of these items can be found in our ETSY shop here:
The spotlight artist of MC52 Week 6 is Ren Mckinzie. To learn more about Ren's work, go here:

This BUTTON/MAGNET set of 2, features Ren Mckinizie's Chibi styled Invincible and AtomEve. Each of these BUTTONs/MAGNETs are 1.25 inch diameter.
Buyer must inform Mutant Cactus, the seller, if they would like this to be a Magnet or Pin Back Button set.

We also have several Vintage sets available this week. We were not going to post any Vintage Invincible buttons this week BUT, we sold out of the first 6 sets posted in one day. SO, here is the next round. ENJOY!!!
MC Vintage buttons/magnets are ALWAYS made from recycled comic book pages and never from digital prints

MC52 Week 6 brings the Invincible Theme to a close.  But fear not, as next week's MC52 will have a brand new MC set.  Here is a sneak peak:

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